Are you interested in driving fast on a racetrack, but not in your daily driver? We’re ready to help you fulfill that dream.

You do not need a racing license to drive one of our cars on track. Many clubs such as NASA, BMWCCA, PCA, and others offer high performance drivers education. You can get on track with a qualified instructor and learn performance driving in a race car, in a safe controlled environment. In fact this is how Andrew and Jonny got their start more than ten years ago.

Track car dead? Why fix it? Come run with us. We’ll do the work, you do the driving.

The 1984-1991 BMW 325 E30 is arguably the strongest and most reliable platform BMW has ever manufactured. The E30’s ruggedness translates into a roomy, versatile, safe, and neutral handling track car. Add this up and it equals fun! Building off of this platform, Drive Gear has outfitted each of our cars with a professionally engineered 6 point roll cage carefully built to SCCA specifications. Then we race prepared them to fit NASA’s Spec E30, PTE, BMWCCA KP and SCCA ITS classes. In the end, all of our cars comply to NASA’s and SCCA’s stringent guidelines for safety.

Had enough of HPDE? Thinking about a competition license? No problem!

Each DriveGear track car has been built to the highest standards using new parts from We have spared no expense to ensure your day at the track is fun, safe and trouble free. When developing a DriveGear track car we install fresh bushings, new clutch, rebuilt trans, Pooresports KM series race motor, Pooresports high capacity baffled oil pan, Pooresports spec exhaust, rebuilt differential, James Evans Perfomance roll cage or Pooresports custom roll cage, Ireland Engineering sway bars, IE camber plates, SS brake lines, rebuilt brake calipers, Bilstein shocks, H&R race springs, Hawk ht-10 racing brake pads, Super Blue brake fluid, six point harnesses cam lock, sliding seat mounts, center net, widow net, fire suppression system or extinguisher, transponder and kill switch. Additionally all cars are or can be equipped with passenger seats with harness restraints.

Are you a licensed race car driver, curious about racing Spec E30? Ask about our test day package.


“I quickly went from back-marker to contender in my first automobile racing season ever, after teaming up with DriveGear Racing. There is so much work, experience, and fine tuning that goes in to preparing a competitive race car, that it could have taken me years own my own. With DriveGear, I just show up and drive! Andrew and Jon even supply the barbeque.” -Frans Hansen, 2010 National Champion, NASA Spec E30

“I had an absolute blast in the #88 Spec E30 at VIR. DriveGear took care of everything and helped me focus on improving my skills too! Andrew gave me a bunch of very helpful advice about line, braking points, and soforth – which definitely helped me go faster and get more comfortable with the car. There is no doubt in my mind that with a better driver it would’ve been much higher on the results sheets. It really was an awesome experience, and I’m really looking forward to renting from DriveGear again soon!” -Jon Felton, Director, NASA Florida Region

“I had heard lots of good things about the SpecE30s from DriveGear, and after about 4 hours of seat time in the #87 car, I can happily report that it was all true. Andrew and his business partner Jon have put together very solid, fun and reliable cars – cars that can win in the right hands. Everything concerned with the cars was taken care of. Gas, tires, you name it. All I had to do was adjust the seat, belt up and go. Arrive and drive is luxury, but the service beyond the car was the really pleasant surprise. My lunch and dinner were taken care of for both days, there was always water in the cooler. A few frosty adult beverages were available after hours as well. Since much of the event was in the rain, we spent a lot of time in the trailer to keep dry. The guys were welcoming and I felt pretty comfortable just hanging out and talking shop. I cannot say enough good things about DriveGear.” -Tom Freeman