Q: Who rents racing cars?
A: Our typical customer is someone who wants to go racing or do track days and they don’t have a car to participate with. In most instances they are too busy with their professional careers and family to spend the long hours preparing and transporting a car to the race track. We take all the hassle away and leave the fun part for you.

Q: Do you rent cars for track days with groups like BMWCCA, PCA, TRACKDAZE, CHIN, etc?
A: Yes! We have track cars available for all types of driving events.

Q: Do you rent cars for racing with groups such as SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) or EMRA (Eastern Motor Racing Association)?
A: Yes! All of our cars have SCCA and NASA (National Auto Sport Association) logbooks which allow us to go racing with most any group.

Q: Do you rent cars for competition licensing schools?
A: Yes! Renting a car for a licensing school is a great idea. A licensing school is a very intensive and challenging event. We provide a car that is ready to go and guaranteed to pass tech. We also provide support all day long so if any problems arise we handle them and you wont miss any classroom or track sessions. We highly recommend a rental for licensing school even if you have a car. Having the support on hand can be a lifesaver and it can be difficult getting a friend or family member to come out and help.

Q: Will DriveGear support me and my car for a licensing event?
A: Yes we will if we are on site for the event.

Q: Do you offer coaching?
A: Yes we do offer coaching. Our driver coach Todd Reid offers the very best in coaching for a great price, see www.reidspeedinc.com

Q: Do the DriveGear cars have passenger seats with equal restraints for instructors?
A: Yes, all of our cars have passenger seats with equal restraints.

Q: What happens if I crash the car?
A: Drivers are responsible for any damage to the car once they take the wheel for the day. That being said our cars are relatively inexpensive to fix.

Q: What if I flat spot a tire?
A: You can’t! Our cars are all equipped with ABS brakes.

Q: Is gas included in the rental price?
A: Yes, gas is included in the price.

Q: Is my entry fee included in the rental price?
A: No, your entry is not included. Since most groups have many options for the weekend we find it easier to have the driver decide what works best for them.

Q: Can I rent a car for one day?
A: Yes as long as we can fit it into our schedule.

Q: Can I rent a car for a single session?
A: Yes, as long as we are running at the event.

Q: What type of tires do you run?
A: We run both the Toyo RA1 and the Toyo R888 R-compound race tires in size 205/50-15.

Q: Do you have rain tires?
A: Yes, we have a set of rain tires for each of our cars.

Q: What happens if the car breaks down?
A: Unfortunately this is part of going to the race track and something we all deal with. We carry a full supply of replacement parts and we can fix most any problem on site from crash damage to most any mechanical failure.

Q: How much is it to rent a car for the weekend?
A: Our rates are extremely reasonable for having a competitive turn-key car available to arrive and drive. Our rates do vary depending on the venue and what sort of driving you will be doing. Please contact us to discuss rates and availability.